Spring 2015 Timeline


Practice will begin week of February 23 (BOYS AND GIRLS)

First games begin weekend of March 8 (BOYS AND GIRLS)

Season Ends weekend of May 2nd (BOYS AND GIRLS)

See below for specific program info:

Girls Program

Boys Program

Select Information will be forth coming in the few weeks. Please note any players who wants to try-out for the boy’s Select program, must be registered with our rec program unless they are confirmed on roster of one of our local middle schools or high schools.

If you have any questions please email Beth Welsh at info@winstonsalemlacrosse.com.

Boys Lacrosse
Leagues and tournaments should field U15, U13, U11 and U9 teams based on the age of the player, with Aug. 31 the cutoff date. For example, all players on a U13 team must be 12 years old or younger on Aug. 31 of the preceding year.
Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table Birthdate
Age Bracket
Born on or after 9/1/1999
Born on or after 9/1/2001
Born on or after 9/1/2003
Born on or after 9/1/2005

Girls Lacrosse

Girls has moved back to Girls Elementary and Girls Middle School. Girls are no longer divided by age, but by grade. Girls Elementary is 4th and 5th grade and Girls Middle School is 6-8 grade.


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