Congratulations to the U9 Snipers!

Congratulations to the U9 Snipers!  They made it to the finals in their inaugural select appearance at the Martinsville tournament.  There are great things in store for these boys!

Thank you Carlin(mom of U9 player Jacob Hollar).  She generously donated 4 tents to Winston Salem Lacrosse to use for long hot lax days.  We appreciate it!

A big thank you goes out to the following families who donated to our family sponsors program this year:

Joe and Britt Parrish

Tim and Janet Fangmann

Bill and Cynthia Tessian

Michael and Lari Young

Crawford and Ashleigh Pike

David and Mianda Johnson

Tom and Mary Delucia

John Rogers and Jackie Giggons

George and Caro Humphrey

Ric and Leslie Leinbach

Ross and Leanne Kuhner

John and Melissa Phipps

Eric and Leslie Watt

Tom and Vicki Perrault

Pat and Leah Crowley

Stacee Sheets

Carr and Betsy Boyd

Phil and Patty Shugart

David and Charlotte Broughton

Joe and Greta Argenta

John and Allison Pratt

Tamer and Heather Yalcinkaya

Michael and Tina Whiteheart

Larry and Beth Gemmell

Kevin and Aimee Williams


If you would still like to become a Family Sponsor please contact Leslie Watt,

Boys Lacrosse
Leagues and tournaments should field U15, U13, U11 and U9 teams based on the age of the player, with Aug. 31 the cutoff date. For example, all players on a U13 team must be 12 years old or younger on Aug. 31 of the preceding year.


Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

U9 On or After 9/1/06 - 9/1/08

U11 On or After 9/1/04 - 9/1/06

U13 On or After 9/1/02 - 9/1/04

U15 On or after 9/1/00 - 9/1/02


Girls Lacrosse

Girls has moved back to Girls Elementary and Girls Middle School. Girls are no longer divided by age, but by grade. Girls Elementary is 4th and 5th grade and Girls Middle School is 6-8 grade.


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