Winston-Salem Lacrosse (WSLax) is a member of Triad Youth Lacrosse Association (TYLA).  Our joint vision is to be the primary source of lacrosse for Triad youth and to provide the best possible structure for enrollment, participation, training and development of young people in the game of lacrosse.

WSLax will add value to the quality of life in the Triad by establishing the game of lacrosse as an athletic opportunity for participation, teamwork, and commitment to excellence for all young people, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, size, age, weight, or skill. WSLax will support, where and when possible, those players needing financial assistance to play. Everyone who wants to play lacrosse will play.

WSLax is committed to equal participation and to the view that to play the game is great, to win the game is greater, to love the game is the greatest. WSLax regards academic excellence as integral with lacrosse. WSLax and TYLA have as their long term goal the establishment of lacrosse teams throughout Triad area schools through building a strong player feeder network.