Winston-Salem Lacrosse (WSLax) is a member of Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association(PCLA).  Our joint vision is to be the primary source of lacrosse for Triad youth and to provide the best possible structure for enrollment, participation, training and development of young people in the game of lacrosse.

WSLax will add value to the quality of life in the Triad by establishing the game of lacrosse as an athletic opportunity for participation, teamwork, and commitment to excellence for all young people, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, size, age, weight, or skill. WSLax will support, where and when possible, those players needing financial assistance to play. Everyone who wants to play lacrosse will play.

WSLax is committed to equal participation and to the view that to play the game is great, to win the game is greater, to love the game is the greatest. WSLax regards academic excellence as integral with lacrosse. WSLax and PCLA have as their long term goal the establishment of lacrosse teams throughout Triad area schools through building a strong player feeder network.

Below is the information on the newly formed PCLA:

     A new dawn rises on the local landscape of recreational lacrosse. The Triad’s five existing leagues have banded together under the newly formed Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association (PCLA). The charter member organizations are TYLA, WS LAX, the Oak Ridge Youth Association, Kernerville P & R Lacrosse, and Burlington P & R Lacrosse. This governing body will primarily be responsible for mediating any inter-league matters, scheduling all league member games, and enforcing all PCLA policies and regulations.


    The PCLA is headed by a eight (8) member board and will employ one director to facilitate the association’s mission. The primary mission of the PCLA will be to create uniformity amongst its league members creating a competitive and equitable environment. The PCLA will also be a leader in the effort to foster and develop recreational lacrosse across the Piedmont region of North Carolina, bringing the sport to new communities and encouraging young boys and girls to give the sport a try. Lastly, the PCLA will also help to build the volunteer infrastructure of coaches and provide training and educational opportunities for those who support member leagues. The PCLA board has representation from all five (5) league members and will be responsible for drafting all PCLA policies and guidelines.